Teeny Tiny Puppers that Will Make You Smile

It’s finally Friday! We want you to start your weekend in a happy mood! That’s why we rounded up some of the cutest pics of teeny tiny dogs on the internet, just to put a smile on your face. Enjoy! This feisty little fella is probably the closest we’ll ever get to owning a baby […]

Finding Gobi Giveaway Winners!

Here at FriendshipCollar, we believe dogs are the most loyal, lovable companions in a person’s life. That’s a sentiment Dion Leonard, an Australian ultramarathoner, discovered last year when he encountered a stray dog while running the Gobi Desert 250km race. For nearly 80 miles, this adorable stray — who was appropriately named Gobi — followed […]

We like big mutts and we cannot lie!

Big breeds are often accused of being vicious, aggressive, and dangerous, but they don’t deserve the stigma they face. After all, big dogs have big hearts! Here are just a few reasons why big dogs rule, and small dogs drool. (We’re just kidding, of course — we love our furry friends of all shapes and […]

Furball & Caroline

♥ Life with my Furball is…….. Exciting and fun.  Even when we’re doing the most boring tasks, Furball can make any situation fun and enjoyable. ♥ How would you describe your pooch? Furball is very laid back, sweet, and perpetually happy. ♥ What is a typical day like for you both? We tend to either relax at home practicing tricks […]