What FriendshipCollar Loves: November!

Happy November, friends! The weather is getting colder, the leaves are turning all sorts of gorgeous colors, and, last but not least, the feast of all feasts happens this month! Want to spend Thanksgiving somewhere warm this year? Look no further than Tampa, Florida! Why do we love Tampa this month? The answer is simple! […]

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween is the spookiest time of the year, especially for pets. The scary costumes alone are enough to send them to their bed shivering! Combine the costumes with the noise and sheer amount of people, and you’ve got the stuff of doggie nightmares. But you don’t want your BFF to miss out on all the […]

Cool Facts about Black Cats

Black cats get a bad rap, especially during Halloween. They’re often associated with witchcraft, evil, and bad luck. Take Thackery Binx from Hocus Pocus, for example, or Salem from Sabrina: the Teenage Witch. Sure, those are fictional cats, but the stigma that black cats face has harmful effects in real life. For example, black cats […]

Tricks & Treats for Your BFF

Although trick-or-treating is buckets of fun for us humans, it isn’t always an ideal activity for our pets. But don’t worry — there’s no need for your pawesome pal to feel left out on the best holiday of the year. If you can’t take your dog trick-or-treating, there’s only one thing left to do: teach him some […]

Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your BFF

Whether you’re going trick-or-treating to collect free candy all night, or you have a fancy dress party to attend where you can BYOD (that’s Bring Your Own Dog — the only party worth going to, if you ask us!)  Is there anything better than dressing up as your favorite fictional character? We think so… It’s […]