What FriendshipCollar Loves: The Spooky Special!

We want — no, scratch that, we NEED our pets to be as involved in our lives as much as possible. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed to tag along with us everywhere just yet. But we wouldn’t want our besties to miss out on the scariest day of the month… Halloween! This month, we’ve been sniffing […]

Support a Good Cause in Style!

October is finally here, and it’s one of our favourite times of year! Halloween preparations are in full swing and pumpkin spice everything is back! But there’s a somber side to October, too — it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, affecting 1 in 8 women […]

6 Things Only Dogs Get Away With

Turns out living with other humans is a lot more stressful than living with dogs. Maybe that’s why you let Fido get away with things you’d never let your roommates do. Like… Leaving their stuff everywhere. Okay, so dogs don’t have opposable thumbs, so it’s not like they can clean up after themselves. Still, you […]

Your Guide to Cruelty-Free Fashion

FriendshipCollar is proud to be a 100% cruelty-free, vegan brand. We care about the planet and the animals we share it with. That’s why our collars are made from 100% vegan leather which comes from sustainable sources. Did you know that Friendship Collars are the world’s first PETA-approved vegan pet products? Check us out on their […]

Inspiring pet stories from Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

More than one million people fled Texas and Florida before Hurricanes Harvey and Irma struck earlier this month. Sadly, many of those people left their beloved pets behind to weather the storm on their own. Some poor pups were even left tied to a chain outside! During natural disasters like these, animal welfare is often […]