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We like big mutts and we cannot lie!

Big breeds are often accused of being vicious, aggressive, and dangerous, but they don’t deserve the stigma they face. After all, big dogs have big hearts! Here are just a few reasons why big dogs rule, and small dogs drool. (We’re just kidding, of course — we love our furry friends of all shapes and […]

Tricks & Treats for Your BFF

Although trick-or-treating is buckets of fun for us humans, it isn’t always an ideal activity for our pets. But don’t worry — there’s no need for your pawesome pal to feel left out on the best holiday of the year. If you can’t take your dog trick-or-treating, there’s only one thing left to do: teach him some […]

6 Things Only Dogs Get Away With

Turns out living with other humans is a lot more stressful than living with dogs. Maybe that’s why you let Fido get away with things you’d never let your roommates do. Like… Leaving their stuff everywhere. Okay, so dogs don’t have opposable thumbs, so it’s not like they can clean up after themselves. Still, you […]