Everyone knows someone affected by breast cancer. The lifetime risk of breast cancer in the UK is one in eight, with nearly 60,000 women diagnosed every year.  There are an estimated 550,000 women living with breast cancer in the UK today – a figure which is expected to double by 2030.  

There is some good news though;  with the improved and more complex treatments provided, more women than ever before are living beyond breast cancer. This means there is an increasingly greater need for specialised psychological and therapeutic support for people throughout their recovery. 

We want to do our part to help all those affected by this devastating disease. That’s why 10% of proceeds from our Pawsitively Pink design are being donated to Breast Cancer Haven,  to provide one to one emotional, physical and practical support,  and help women through their breast cancer journey and beyond. 🎀


Breast Cancer Haven is a national charity that supports women through their breast cancer treatment. When breast cancer tries to rob a woman of her individuality, confidence or strength, Breast Cancer Haven provides her with an individually tailored package of supportive therapies that helps her hold on to them. All sessions are specifically designed to address the impact and side effects of breast cancer treatment as well as offering practical guidance, support and counselling services for each woman, her family members, partners and close friends.

Breast Cancer Haven has supported over 34,000 people affected by the diagnosis of breast cancer and delivered over 230,000 appointments nationwide. Your donation will provide psychological and therapeutic support and improve the quality of life for people affected by breast cancer.

Help us to ensure that everyone affected by breast cancer gets the help they need, when they need it!

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Cruella & Alexis

“I chose this design because my mother-in-law and my close friend both battled breast cancer and are beautiful and strong survivors. I chose this design to wear and bring awareness, as well as to help raise more money for the great cause.”

Kandis & Kiara

“Love, strength, and hope. Not only does it symbolize the relationship between me and my cat, but it supports a cause I have witnessed firsthand. And I feel it’s worth noting how much Kiara was there for me while I went through treatment. It makes a perfectly meaningful combination within the matching set.”

& More!

“My princess and I get to match, while supporting some amazing, brave, beautiful, strong women.”



It matches both our personalities and I wanted to support this charity. It helps me honor the ones who have breast cancer and to spread awareness.”

– Stephanie

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